Ceramic Platter – Whirlpool


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Featuring an array of colours and patterns, these resin-filled medium sized ceramic platters will add glamour to any occasion! Each ceramic platter has been designed using high quality resin, coloured with various inks and mica powders, to create a gorgeous ocean like theme. Each one has been individually hand made by Ali making each and every one unique. Use as a statement piece in your dressing room or bathroom. Alternatively use it as a means of displaying your condiments when you next entertain.

Size: 15.5cm x 34.5cm x 2cm.

Thickness may vary slightly due to product being handmade.

Avoid using sharp instruments such as knives on the resin surface.

Wipe down with a soft damp cloth using a small amount of diluted dishwashing liquid.

Not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Heat resistant up to 50 degrees C.

The ACA brand supports the environment and therefore no plastic packaging is used on the product.

In addition, the ACA range of home decor is made in South Africa by South Africans thereby supporting local industry.