About the Artist

Meet Ali Cockburn, local PR professional who has found her true passion in life – contemporary art.

Operating both her PR business and her passion for painting from her stunning beach front home, when Ali is not writing and ensuring her clients are in the news, she’s producing a myriad of large canvases all containing a kaleidoscope of acrylic colours, each one oozing Ali’s vibrant personality.

The depth of movement on each canvas is phenomenal with Ali taking her inspiration from the ocean.

She’s an ardent water baby – ex national swimmer, she stand up paddle boards and occasionally surfs. Often painting through the night Ali admits to waking up and at times “checking” on her paintings. “I check that the movement and the mixture of colours is how I had imagined them to be. If not, I use various techniques and methods to create the look I want.

It’s incredibly therapeutic and rewarding to see the finished product”. Ali’s work has been appreciated by not only the local residents and interior decorators alike, but she has shipped canvases all around the country and has interest from buyers as far afield as London, New York and the Seychelles.